Monday, 22 August 2016

Yet more photos from "Life of Pye" private view / closing night

Above: "Come on in..."
Above: Tori in the Richard Hamilton bar area
Above: White Album Collage
Above: John and Jackson
Above:Hard working Gordon Beswick
Above:Rebecca with "Weird Nightmare"
Above: Free Cards designed by Erica and Harry
Above: More Free cards...
A card that says "Woof"
Above:Fanny J and friend
Above:Uliana with Panda
Above: Lovely Jo and marvellous Magda
Above: Happy people
Above: Collaboration with Lucky Luke Gottelier (the only work in the show to feature indoor fireworks)
Above: Martin - the cat in the hat
Above: Sandra, Adam and Eve
Above: Lovely Sandra. The framed b&w collages are from a series called "Elvis Presley in Poland" made in collaboration with Cian Quayle.
Above: Sandra takes a photo of a collaboration with Marcus Cope (Har Ray is also in sight)
Above:On the stairs
Above: Eva with "These Foolish Things" - a collaboration with Adrian R. Shaw
Above: A "Rip It Off Me" badge has become the very button of fashion
Above: Kind Mr Hind
Above: A nice blurry shot of Pye and his poster
Above: Studio One has a great new show coming up curated by Mel Cole. Miss it and miss out.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This Sunday at Studio One Gallery - 6.30pm till 9.30pm

If you're free this Sunday please come on down to Studio One Gallery, 7-9 Wandsworth Plain, SW18, 1ES for the closing party of "Life of Pye part 2"
It's 4 stops on the bus from Clapham Junction - The 87 bus drops you directly opposite the gallery. Wansworth Plain is off the Wandsworth High Street. It's more or less in-between an All Saints Church and The Grand Union Pleasure Island pub. This exhibition features work I made in collaboration with talented pals such as Erica Macarthur, Gordon Beswick, Paul Hamilton, Tinsel Edwards, Fanny Janssen, Adrian R. Shaw, Emma Coleman, Howard Dyke, Rowland Smith, Tracey Williams, Hugh Mendes, Natasha Xavier, Alex Wojcik, Geraldine Swayne, Marcus Cope, Luke Gottelier, Jacob Beaney,and Mikey Georgeson. There are a couple of new additions to the exhibition including a series of collages entitled "Elvis Presely in Poland" that I made with photographer Cian Quayle.
In the Richard Hamilton Bar Area you can hear "Harry Pye's Pop Art Radio Show" with features interviews with Jessica Voorsanger and music from both Sukie Smith (of Madam) and Liam Palmer. PLUS the gallery will also be broadcasting a new sound work that features artist Caroline Jupp and H.P. reading extracts from their father's favourite books. Let's make Sunday a Funday!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Photos from opening night of "Life of Pye" show at Studio One

Above: A painting made in collaboration with Hugh Mendes
Above: Frostie (painted by Harry Pye and Emma Coleman)
Above: Fanny Janssen with "The Fanny Janssen Photo Album"
Would you Adam and Eve it?
Above: Becky with her free greeting card
Above: Tracey, Frost & Nixon
Above: Paula and pal
Above: Having a fag
Above:A shocked Charlie and Tori
Above: Ivan, Adam and Eve
Above:Bryan Ferry
Above:"Harry Pye"
Above:Julian Wakeling with Dubeffet sculpture
Above: Harry "Weird Nightmare"
Above: Harry Pye and Paul Hamilton
Above: Tate Mates attempting to recreate the poses from the 4 Tates painting behind them
Above: Uliana and Micko
Above: Ivan, Harry, Caroline
Above:Barry Thompson in front of "Fallen Angel"
Above:Garden Party
Above: Paul Hamilton talking to Micko Westmoreland.
The Life of Pye show is open Sunday 7th Aug, Sat 13th Aug, Sun 14th Aug, Sat 20th August from 12pm till 6pm. On Sunday the 21st of August the gallery will be open from 12pm onwards and there will be a special closing party from 6pm till 9pm)

Monday, 1 August 2016

"Cork In The Ocean" by Francis Macdonald and Harry Pye

"Art must make you laugh a little and make you a little afraid. Anything as long as it doesn't bore."
"Cork in the Ocean" is one of the tracks that will one day feature on Macdonald & Pye's debut album "Bonjour." Over the last couple of months Gordon Beswick has been filming an accompanying video. The track tells the story of Jean Debuffet (1901 - 1985) and shares some of his observations on art and life. In the still above you see Debuffet (played by Harry Pye) at an exhibition of his later work. The photo below is of actress Jasmine Bullock playing Jean's kindly grandmother who always believed in him and always supported him.
The sculpture in the top slide is actual Debuffet work that was being exhibited by The Timothy Taylor Gallery. In other sections of the film the paintings, drawings and sculptures you will see are made by Pye with help from either Francis Macdonald or Gordon Beswick.
One of the fake Debuffet works made for the film is a sculpture made from polystyrene entitled Homme avec ├ęcharpe if you want to come and see it in the flesh come and see the Life of Pye exhibition at Studio One Gallery in Wandsworth.
The opening night is Thursday the 4th of August.